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Why go anywhere else but GAS to get your oil changed?

Our courteous staff will truly look after your vehicle and its needs. Keep your vehicle running and in good condition with regular oil changes. Depending on vehicle age or type, choosing the right oil will make the difference between getting to your destinations and breaking down. 

Bring your car or truck to Greer Automotive Services in Woodstock, Georgia for your next oil change. While you're here, we will:

  • Operation of lights
  • Condition of wiper blades
  • Condition of radiator
  • Condition of coolant
  • Condition of transmission fluid
  • Condition of power steering fluid
  • Brake hydraulic system fluid
  • Fill washer fluid
  • Condition of drive belts
  • Condition of hoses
  • Condition of battery and connections
  • Condition of air filter
  • Condition of struts or shocks
  • Alignment condition
  • Tires
  • Condition of brakes
  • CV boots and shaft
  • Engine oil leaks
  • Transmission oil leaks
  • Condition of differential fluid

We recommend the type of your oil changes based on the following criteria:

  • Standard: Standard oil changes typically cover five quarts of oil, an oil filter change, and a fluid levels and air filter check.

  • High-mileage: We recommend high mileage for vehicles over 75,000 miles. High-mileage oil blends synthetic and standard oil to decrease oil detergency. As a car ages, its performance diminishes and the vehicle starts to burn oil. High mileage oil changes include five quarts of oil, changing your oil filter, and a fluid levels and air filter check.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic oil is designed to increases vehicle performance and engine protection. A synthetic oil change includes five quarts of oil, an oil filter change, and an inspection of all your fluid levels and air filter.

We will also top off fluids and recommend additional services. Contact GAS to find out the best oil for your vehicle and schedule you next oil change.


Our Price Protection Pledge

At Greer Automotive Services, we understand how a car issue can become, more than anything, a financial concern- because there are all kinds of variables that go into the cost of any certain repair, we recommend you call us, email us, or request an appointment so that we can get the specifics for your vehicle and give you a price as soon as we possibly can!